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About Me


At a young age I knew, I wanted to be a singer, Better yet, I wanted to be a star! However my outlook changed as I began to go through many obstacles in my life. I no longer wanted to be a star but to minister to people like me. I suffered through much physical, mental, and emotional abuse throughout my life that birthed so much pain and heartache and shame. There were times in my life when I lost all hope. I felt alone, worthless, unloved,  and no longer felt I could face life.  I've turned to alcohol, pills, and food as drugs of choice to ease the pain, which led to a deeper depression. I attempted suicide several

times. I was to a point in my life where I literally lost my mind and thought death was my only option to having peace. All I can say is what the enemy meant for my bad, God is using for His good. With all  of the sufferings 

in my past and even the obstacles I face today. I realize God is preparing me for such a time as this.  For  a time to minister effectively to His people. I can not minister to anyone if I have yet to experience  what they have gone through myself. We go through so we can help bring others through.  I'm just a survivor , willing to testify to all, that God is a healer, a provider, a friend, a lover, a deliver. He is all that we

need if we allow Him to be. 

 This is the Ministry of Carlinda